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Burton has designed an examination and procedure light that optimizes design, performance and value. AIM HI LED precisely-positioned, high-intensity LED modules reduce shadows and produce a larger and adjustable light pattern. User-friendly dimming and focus controls are conveniently located on and near the light head handles.

Burton’s drift-free arm and mounting systems offer the user flexibility, reach, and ease of placement. All this in a light system that is value-driven, dependable, assembled in the USA, and backed by Burton’s industry-leading 5-year warranty and EnabLED license.

Optimal Illuminance.

The AIM HI LED Examination Light has high-intensity LED modules with a 4300K Color Temperature and a greater than 95 Color Rendering Index (CRI) that reduces shadows. It produces a larger, adjustable light pattern with a depth of field of 47" (119 cm) and a beam diameter of 10" (25 cm). This examination light has a rated life of 50,000 hours.

Awesome and Easy-to-Use Design.

Built to increase work efficiency and promote hassle-free usage, the AIM HI LED Examination Light features a drift-free arm and various mounting systems that offer user flexibility and reach. It has a unique Y-Shaped design that facilitates ease of placement of the LED light head around the practitioner's head which minimizes the obstruction of light into the procedural field. The LED Light has a 3-Step Dimming and Focus Control that is user-friendly. These are located conveniently on and near the light head handle.

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