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Burton Philips Super Bright Spot LED Light employs a 6-watt LED bulb which utilizes powerful brightness while conserving energy. The Spot Light provides well-defined, consistent light with a 1" to 4" spot size and a long 50,000 hour bulb life. Super Bright Spot offers intensity up to 20,000 Lux and a color temperature of 5200 degrees kelvin. The LED Exam Light features an smooth housing design for easy cleaning and includes ergonomically designed handles to ease placement of the light.

• The Super Bright Spot Light is mounted on a flex arm which provides easy positioning of the light without drifting. A spot diameter control is located at the light head, with a dimming control from 100% to 5% to produce the desired amount of light. The Examination Light has a color rendering index (CRI) which precisely renders skin and tissue tones. An AC adapter is included with the Exam Light .

• The Exam Light is available in floorstand, wall mount, pole mount and table mount configurations. Five lockable low friction casters are available on the floorstand which allows the Examination Light to be moved easily throughout the office.

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