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The Burton CoolSpot II Minor Surgical Light with incredible pure, white light and a no-drift arm, the Surgical Light features a high intensity setting and a variable spot size control. The Spot Light offers intensity of up to 13,000 footcandles at 24 inches (61 cm) and 5,000 footcandles at 1 meter.

The Burton CoolSpot II Minor Surgery Light is a perfect solution for hospital specialists, clinics and exam rooms where versatile, high-quality illumination is required. The CoolSpot II, individually or in combination with Burton's Outpatient II, is the right light for minor surgery and diagnostics! The Burton CoolSpot II provides a long bulb life and low heat build-up due to its low voltage system. CoolSpot II Minor Surgery Lights are also ideal for use as dental exam spot lights, veterinary dental exam lights and OB/GYN office exam spot lights.

CoolSpot II Minor Surgery Lights are available with the Fleximount floorstand, wall mount, ceiling mount or single Fastrac trolley and single or dual head options. Floorstands include footswitch, locking casters and cord wrap. See accessories below for replacement bulbs for the Outpatient II and CoolSpot II, Sterile disposable light handle covers and replacement handles.

The Burton OC516CC (0234552) Outpatient II / CoolSpot II Diagnostic Light combines one Outpatient II and CoolSpot II lighthead on a ceiling mount for greater flexibility. The Burton OC516CT (0204572) Combo Procedure Light features one Outpatient II and CoolSpot II lighthead on a single trolley. The Burton Outpatient II offers focusable flood-type light with maximum intensity and shadow-free operation. Burton Outpatient II and CoolSpot II Combination Lights provide both low-maintenance, top performing lights in one system for nearly every application in the hospital, surgical suite or physician's office.

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